About Us

Destination Travel is a tourism company that is based on the extensive business experience and knowledge of tourism field. We believe in providing the best tourism services through an innovative blend of technology and highly customised customer service.

On its inception, Destination Travel would like to thank the following people especially for always being there through their motivation, inspiration and offering their unconditional help.

Message from Managing Director

Firstly, I would like to give a big thanks for giving me the opportunity to know and learn about the business.

Secondly, thanks to all of them who have graciously welcomed me in this new venture.

I am also grateful to them for their unconditional help and especially Areez Rahman for being the best support.

Behind the scene, the one who played the most important role is my dear friend and wellwisher Shahrear.

And of course words cannot express the role of my parents and the dear wife in this journey of mine.

Finally and foremost, all thanks to Allah Who has bestowed His blessings on us, and I pray Destination Travel grows to be one of the most excellent service providers in the Tourism field.